Be the Business

Nationwide User Research programme

Be the Business

Nationwide User Research programme

What we did

Be the business is a UK-based not-for-profit organisation, helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) become more productive through free resources and access to experts. They needed to gain insight into the real challenges facing today’s business leaders, enabling them to shape their offering and future support. The goal of Be the Business is crucial for the health of the UK’s economy. The UK lags behind comparable nations in terms of productivity. But, by improving the performance of small business leaders, they help improve the UK’s position overall, and everyone benefits.


Following a three-year relationship with a large incumbent, ExperienceLab won a competitive pitch to deliver a new programme of research to drive both business and marketing objectives for the company. The Be The Business team needed to understand the challenges that SME’s face, as well as gathering examples of their success stories.


Our first research programme spanned a period of three-months and involved more than 80 recognised business leaders.

We engaged with key decision makers from SME’s across the whole country to understand the problems they face in business – and importantly – the solutions that they have used to overcome them. This work included a survey of their journey as an enterprise.

The teams at ExperienceLab designed a repeatable research sprint model to work at pace, identifying challenges and success stories which were then aligned to each of Be the Business priority areas.


Our engagement produced over 80 experience stories and 50 solutions, as well as an understanding of the priorities of SME business leaders and the style of language that they prefer to operate using.

This research was used by Be the Business to inform a best-in class-website and programme content for supporting SME’s, which would prove essential to them under the difficult conditions during the Covid pandemic.

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