About us

About us

We are a people-centred design and innovation agency

Through robust research and inclusive creativity, we help organisations make products and services better for people’s needs and everyday lives.

From customer service to digital optimisation and employee engagement; our work drives tangible effective change across multiple sectors. With offices in London, Melbourne and Dubai.

Our values


True partnership

We work in partnership with our clients, immersing ourselves in their organisations, digging deeply and providing bespoke, practical innovative solutions that work.


Real people powered​

Everything we do is evidence based and people centred – and we help our clients embed this ethos seamlessly into their businesses.


Inclusive by design

We believe diverse perspectives lead to better ideas, so for every challenge we build an inclusive team to create real change, for our clients.


Sustainable impact

Our work creates a positive impact, in real life, across multiple sectors. Using evidence and future thinking we reduce risk and effect robust, long-lasting change.


Practical disruption ​

Disruption at Experience Lab happens for the right reasons; using empirical evidence and human insight we think differently to create innovative yet tangible outputs whether wholly transformational or small powerful changes.


Dynamic history​

We’ve been helping organisation be more people-focused for over 20 years. Yet we’re not stuck in our ways – we’re agile, dynamic and open-minded and we help our clients do the same.

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