Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN)

Transforming user experiences: becoming a customer obsessed business.

Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN)

Transforming user experiences: becoming a customer obsessed business.

What we did

ExperienceLab has been transformative to SSEN, moving them away from position where they were at risk of multi-million ombudsman fines, to a current state where the business and its people are customer obsessed with a clear strategic roadmap for the future.    


Increasing pressure from the industry regulator was raising the urgency for change within SSEN. Focus was being placed on customer service and the needs of vulnerable consumers like never before and with the threat regulatory fines of up to £40m, SSEN recognised it needed to act fast to deliver improvements.    

A challenge was set to the expert teams at ExperienceLab by SSEN leadership to produce a high-level strategic roadmap for 2021-2027. The objective of this roadmap was to deliver a holistic insight into their customers to support necessary operational changes across their customer service and customer vulnerability teams. Additionally, consultancy and projects across Service Design needed to be identified to deliver sustainable change needed for the future.   


We spent the first four weeks leading and adding structure to what a consolidated customer service and consumer vulnerability roadmap would look like. Working hand-in-hand with SSEN project teams, we wanted to ensure that people were put at the heart of the process and we were able to clarify and define the roadmap and provide a fresh perspective.

A multidisciplinary team formed of Service Designers, Insight Consultants and Transformation experts ran three workstreams across business immersion and problem mapping; KPI, date and customer services and compilation of existing roadmaps. All at pace under increasing pressure for change.   

For the discovery phase, desk research covering performance date reviews, call listening, customer feedback and PSR surveys was delivered alongside primary research covering immersion workshops, stakeholder interviews, and leadership workshops. In addition, triangulation was undertaken to cover blind analysis of results with problem and objective mapping.  

Key problem statements were identified and prioritised, set against a matrix of customer experience, customer impact, contributing factors and business impact. This provided the focus needed to tackle each channel and underrated the interdependency or isolation of each issue.  


The delivery of the updated roadmap delivered a significant advancement in CX Capability for SSEN, enabling teams to overcome the key problem statements, deliver on customer promises and achieve strong improvement on existing scoring.

Most importantly, it worked to mitigate the risk of regulator enforcement and with improved governance, driven by an evolving CX team tasked to improve customer centricity and drive SSEN to achieve its mission of becoming a customer obsessed business.  

Customer insight was illustrated like never before. For the first time, SSEN had a total visibility of its customers. 

Service Design remains a critical component of the business drive at SSEN and following the success of the workshops, ExperienceLab retain a consultative role in the process.

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