Global credit and chargecard provider

Designing great customer service.

Global credit and chargecard provider

Designing great customer service.

What we did

Our global user testing and research approach informed an international integrated payments company’s new customer service prototyping.


Our client asked us to explore the possibility of allowing their membership reward card holders to auto redeem their points with specific merchants.

We needed to test the prototype and explore the concept with membership reward card holders in the UK and Australia. Our role was to identify any friction points in the process and information architecture of the system.


We worked with participants across the UK and Australia over three days to profile them under four different personas. Each day we built on the learnings from the previous session to continue to improve the service. The participants tested the responsive website prototype on both a mobile and desktop, and variations of the prototype were used to test different vertical and horizontal layouts.


We made recordings of participants testing the mobile app and consolidated our findings into a detailed report and a one-page analysis, containing RAG rated findings and recommendations.

The single page visualisation provided an easy to use, on-going reference point for the organisation’s team.

The design recommendations, that we listed in order of importance, were significant in the creation of an actionable forward plan for delivering the prototype.

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