Global online marketplace

Personalising the customer experience.

Global online marketplace

Personalising the customer experience.

What we did

Our research for a global online marketplace drove their improved personalised customer experience approach.


While undergoing a multi-phase, multi-country review of buyer and seller experience, the team wanted to ensure their site was personalised based on persona types.


We undertook a series of one-to-one remote sessions with buyers and sellers in each market. ​


The report and user journey map highlighted the similarities and differences between the markets.

This enabled the client to consider which design features could be rolled out globally and which should be tailored at a local level. ​

The findings also identified some initial user types within both buyers and seller groups.

With this information, the client began to consider personalising the experience based on user types, as an alternative to a one-fits-all approach that looked to satisfy everyone with a single proposition.

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