Our thinking

Here we share our expert insights on the latest news, trends and stories.

Our thinking

Here we share our expert insights on the latest news, trends and stories.
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ChatGPT: Friend or foe of CX in big business?

Dubbed “the best AI chatbot ever released” by the New York Times,...

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Consumer Duty

Consumer Duty: ensuring CX is at the heart of your strategy.

A new report released by ExperienceLab looks at how Consumer Duty will...

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Ocean waste

Sustainability in Design: Why should we view ‘waste’ as a secondary resource? How can we mirror circular thinking into design thinking? 

At least 14 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean...

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UX challenges

Spotlight on: The UX challenges of legacy versus challenger banks – quick wins and traps to avoid. 

To understand the UX challenges facing legacy and challenger banks lets first...

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Good UX builds trust

Trust: A cornerstone of good UX.

According to a 2022 survey of US social media users, there is...

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Digital UX

Digital UX: putting your customers first.

App and website users across the globe are failed by a poor...

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Continuous improvement

Sustainability in design: Systems thinking drives sustainable problem solving.

In this article I’m going to unpick why developing a systems thinking...

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Sustainability in design: How to take a true sustainable mindset in your design process

There is a well quoted statistic from the European Commission that over...

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Service Designers at work

Delving deeper into UX: Turning insights into something meaningful

Delving deeper into UX: in a world of UX where the customer...

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UX researchers

How we excel at rolling UX research

Rolling UX research refers to when user research is conducted on a...

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Informal field interview

Qualitative research: The sometimes-forgotten world of best research practice

As a qualitative research specialist, I have had the opportunity to interview...

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Service Designers in talks over computer screen

The other U(s) in User Experience

At ExperienceLab we are often asked by our clients to support them...

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