Simon Carr

Client Services Manager

Having worked within the organisation for over 5 years Simon brings a wealth of previous client services experience to the team. Building from a degree in Business Management and a skill for relationship management Simon has worked supporting various clients including UK government bodies with establishing consistently high-quality operations, implementing wide scale improvements and individual projects always with the focus on creating best practise for meeting client needs.

Simon has a proven record of excellent communication – verbally, written and presentational – with impeccable listening expertise to ensure clients requirements are accounted for thoroughly. Simon can turn his hand to any task and completes all to an impeccable standard with an excellent eye for detail.

Outside interests:  

Being from Newcastle Simon is a long-suffering football fan though with hopes of a slightly more enjoyable future coming he’s more than happy to share his fandom. Further into the sports world Simon enjoys a round of golf – though he is admittedly terrible at it. Beyond that Simon is a bit of a film buff, enjoys socialising and a good Netflix binge.

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