World Usability Conference, 12th-13th October 2022.

World Usability Conference, 12th-13th October 2022.

Our Head of Insight, Sabrina Duda, is speaking at the World Usability Congress in Austria this October.

Sabrina Duda
Sabrina Duda

Sabrina will be discussing different ways researchers are embedded in an organisation and how they can give best value. She has worked in various organisation types and her talk will describe different settings and challenges.

She told us: “Researchers are operating on a strategic level, and they have to manage stakeholders with different goals and needs. Therefore, it is never enough to just deliver good research.”


“I just have to do good research to show my value – or not? How to have an impact in different organisational settings.”

It is never just the research you conduct that influences the impact and value you have within a company or organisation. Even if you do top-quality research, you can still struggle to have an impact and show your value. Your work context, and how you adapt to it, will determine your success and value.

In this talk we will look at the different ways user research is set up within an organisation, and the specific challenges that can be posed. We will use example projects and case studies to illustrate the different approaches, their pitfalls, and what you can do about it.

Key Learnings

  • You will learn the specific challenges and dangers for you as a researcher in different settings.
  • You will learn how to have maximum impact and value as a researcher.
  • You will learn the different ways that user research can be embedded into a project or within an organisation.