What’s Trending in CX/UX – Wednesday 31st October

What’s Trending in CX/UX – Wednesday 31st October

Welcome to our news roundup. Here you will find a selection of current articles that focus on customer experience, user experience, design and more.

How To Save The Planet Through Better User Interface Design – Forbes

This article discusses global warming, and the profound challenge of changing large volumes of small behaviours and habits amongst substantial populations of people. Stephen Galsworthy, Head of Data Science at Quby, notes “Typically in European households, 80% of all energy is used to heat water and the home. Giving people the ability to control their heating simply and easily from their mobile phone gives a lot of opportunity for change.”

E-commerce UX lessons we can learn from Amazon – Justinmind via UX Planet/Medium

Amazon.com is forecast to generate just over 49% of the USA’s entire online spend for 2018 – around $258.22 billion. Yet when you consider it’s UI design, it is perhaps best described as a hot mess. So, what are the lessons to take from Amazon’s UI design? This article explores the question further…

These Texas voting machines reveal a basic truth about bad design – FastCompany

Voting machines should be experience design in its simplest form – accessible for everyone, even those that are not computer literate. But when they produce errors, who is to blame, the user or the design?

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