What’s Trending in CX/UX – Wednesday 12th December

What’s Trending in CX/UX – Wednesday 12th December

Welcome to our news roundup, here you will find a selection of articles that have piqued our interest recently. They often focus on topics such as user experience, customer experience, user interfaces, design and more.

Attaining a Collaborative Shared Understanding – UIE

‘For a design, it’s a long journey from the first idea through the final implementation, involving many people along the way’, notes Jared, ‘maker of awesomeness’ at UIE. The key to a successful design journey is retaining a shared understanding between the design team about the final goal. A team that lacks a shared understanding of the project’s goal is far more likely to fail. Seems obvious? It’s easily, and quickly, forgotten. Read Jared’s advice on attaining a collaborative understanding here.

What Can Bike Sharing Apps Teach Us About Mobile On-boarding Design? – Luke Wroblewski

Luke Wroblewski is currently product director at Google, and has previously sold a successful start-up to Twitter (Bagcheck), and another to Google (Polar). In this article Luke examines the on-boarding process of six bike sharing apps to better understand the design of mobile on-boarding in general. Read on to discover what compelled Luke to abandon some apps entirely, and how others left him cycling away a happy customer.

Micro-interactions: why, when and how to use them to improve the user experience – Vamsi Batchu via UX Collective on Medium

Micro-interactions are the abundant moments on your digital device that revolve around a single use or purpose. When implemented effectively, micro-interactions can turn the banal into the brilliant. When ineffective, the opposite. This informative article explores micro-interactions in further detail, including the why, how and when to use them – and even recommends some tools to get you started.

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