Tom Parkman

Head of Operations and Delivery

Tom successfully graduated from the University of York in 2013 with a PhD in Health Sciences. His thesis was a mixed methods piece of research that explored a government funded programme to help people in early recovery from substance dependency. Tom spent another four years in academia at the National Addiction Centre, King’s College London, before moving into the world of financial services as a senior researcher and then as a head of insight. The last couple of years have seen Tom move into consumer and UX research to deploy his research skills in pharma, tech, food and drink, FMCG, homecare, and FSI.  

Tom is an experienced mixed methods researcher with a wealth of knowledge in conceptualising, conducting, collating, analysing, and reporting research. Tom has successfully published 15 academic peer reviewed publications, first authored more than 30 reports across different sectors, presented at international conferences, and successfully set up research-based subscription services for clients. As Senior Research Lead, Tom’s role is to lead on large scale private and public sector projects and to improve ExperienceLab’s value proposition to win new business.  

Outside interests:  

Tom left the hustle and bustle of London during lockdown to relocate to leafy Harrogate with his wife, son, and dog. A very fortuitous move given that he welcomed identical twins in May 2022. Tom is a massive sports fan and will happily sit and watch most sports, and he takes a genuine interest in world events such as politics (for his sins) and music. Beyond that, Tom loves socialising and meeting new people, although 10pm is now about the extent of any night out.  

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Tom Parkman
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