Pallavi Gurtoo

Senior Service Designer

Pallavi brings her experience delivering CX projects, transforming services, and defining new business strategies.

Prior to EL, she supported the Board of a large Conglomerate in driving strategic projects across the themes of – expansion, efficiency and sustainability.

She brings to the team five years of consulting experience in CX improvement, business design, operational efficiency, and digital transformation at Ernst & Young in India.

In 2018, Pallavi started a research-led documentation business called ‘Do Chammach’ where she documented recipes and food culture for families and communities on commission, this entailed designing bespoke ‘heirloom’ recipe books for private circulation and was covered by two national publications.

She started her career as a consultant supporting State and Central Governments, and donor agencies like the World Bank to successfully deliver large development schemes and is excited by the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to public services again.

Outside interests:  

In her free time, you will find Pallavi exploring museums and art exhibitions or crouched over puzzles, that she must solve without really looking at the box for reference (because that’s cheating). She is also exploring ideas for a London-based photo series that will make her exploratory walks around the city more interesting.

Pallavi Gurtoo
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