Jonathan Yeates

Head of Design

Jonathan is a senior public services designer who has worked extensively with a range of government departments, not-for-profits and public bodies on award-winning transformation projects. Jonathan is passionate about social impact and has won two Good Design Australia Awards for social innovation.  

As Head of Design, Jonathan leads a team of designers that can transform services, develop innovative digital concepts and define new business strategies. 

Jonathan is comfortable leading projects across the entire design process; from strategy, research and design; to implementation, product management and capability building. Jonathan is an experienced facilitator, professional coach and leads regular human-centred design training courses with ExperienceLab, RMITOnline and General Assembly. 

Outside interests:  

In his spare time Jonathan is a competitive club runner and cyclist. He is also passionate about art history and graphic design and has recently formed a strange niche designing beer labels. 

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Jonathan Yeates