Alexa Chan

Mid Consultant

Alexa is a researcher-designer hybrid who has worked on projects spanning technology, health, consumer goods and retail, government, and transport in both the UK and abroad. She has extensive experience in conducting qualitative research exploring consumer psychological and emotional levers to product and service engagement and has incorporated quantitative elements in her work. Particularly, she applies an understanding of semiotics in her methodology and is adept at identifying the cultural nuances influencing how consumers from different markets experience products and services. 

An age ago, Alexa worked as a fashion designer. Alexa now brings elements of this past life into how she tells stories through information design. She crafts rich narratives easily understood by all, and advocates strongly for visual communication in research. 

Outside interests:  

One can usually find Alexa in the kitchen with the most random and/or seasonal produce sourced from her local farmer’s market or the reduced sections of supermarkets. Thankfully, her spontaneous dishes are consistently well received, and it has since manifested into a monthly newsletter about cooking without set recipes, zero waste style. 

Alexa Chan