Adam Gallucci

Head of Business Development

Adam has been a successful agency business development professional for more than twenty years, starting out in advertising and branded content then moving into FMCG marketing, creative and digital. Most recently, he was responsible for growth across EMEA for Sagittarius, ­an international digital agency delivering experiences that convert across DXP solutions, CRO and a range of multi-channel marketing. Across his career, he has helped launch a Seattle based UX agency in the UK, grow a European FMCG influencer agency and helped develop creative and digital engagement with brands in multiple sectors including aviation, travel, FSI, manufacturing and technology.

Adam believes business development is all about people. Technical challenges and digital obstacles are often easily solved, but it’s the chemistry and relationships that forge strong projects.

 His role at ExperienceLab is to take our expert proposition to market and work with clients across the public and private sector, developing true partnerships and building long-term foundations for success amongst our astonishingly talented team.

Outside interests:  

Adam has a young family which makes spare time a rarity however, travelling is a big part of family life – often spontaneous and generally off the beaten track. In recent years, he has driven through Europe into Croatia, sailed the Nile, explored the Tatra Mountain range and enjoys spending time in Northern Italy – travelling through Switzerland to Sanremo, Genoa and into Tuscany and beyond.  

Adam Gallucci