Human insight


Mixed methods research

Our team of talented researchers specialise in understanding people. To do this we use a mixture of both quantitative and qualitative research to understand what people need, what problems exist and where our design team can intervene.

Whether it’s a user survey, contextual inquiry or competitive market analysis our team are expert in building research approaches to fit client needs.

Data and analytics

Our approach to data and analytics is to provide our clients with actionable recommendations that facilitate positive change, are sustainable, scalable, and open to ongoing measurement to investigate changes over time. 

Combined with our detailed knowledge of different sectors, we always provide insights that go beyond the data. This means that our clients have the confidence to make meaningful, evidence-based decisions on how to improve service design and delivery for its end users. 

Discovery research

Discovery research (also called exploratory research or generative research) is the process of investigating a particular sector, product or service to gain a deep understanding of the problem that needs to be solved.

This means learning about: the people, who they are and they are trying to achieve, the process, the product, performance, the place, the policy and strategic environment in which the problem exists.

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