Introducing the new us

Introducing the new us

ExperienceLab have always been pioneers in our field, working hard to create a world better designed for everyone.

Naturally, that’s a world which is constantly evolving so now, over 20 years since we were first established, we’re also evolving our brand to better highlight what’s important to us, who we are and what we are doing today.

We’re an ambitious business and we wanted an ambitious brand to embody that. So, we introduce you to the new us:

A world better designed for everyone.


The meaning behind the logo

Our new logo says a lot about who we are; distinct, relevant and authentic.

It’s also a nice nod to the double diamond – with our X representing the centre – and it illustrates how we connect research and service design to centre experiences around users. For us it embodies our sense of partnership, interaction, and conversation.

The X in experienceLab

At the centre of the X are people because we always put people at the centre of design to make life better for everyone. From customer service to digital optimisations and employee engagement; our work drives tangible effective change across multiple sectors.

The importance we put on people lives through our new brand; so much so that in our development work to reach this point we spoke to many of our existing clients about their experiences and perceptions of working with us. And these interviews helped us to shape what you see today, here’s just a few snippets:

“An agency with a high degree of expertise,
but centred around people”

“They take the vision you have and build a
process and an output around that”

“ExperienceLab think differently
and look at the bigger picture”

“They feel like part of your team. They want to see your business
succeed and they get excited when they see their ideas work.”

“EL are forward thinking and credible,
demonstrated through a robust process.”

Our identity

All this background work and thinking helped to shape our new brand identity, and we are proud to show it off.  Through the process we learned more about ourselves, and what’s important to us. Our new brand is about a lot more than fancy new colours (although they are pretty fab!) it’s also about our values and what we stand for.

We talk about this in more detail here, if you’re interested,  but if we were to summarise, we’d say; ExperienceLab care deeply about helping organisations make products and services better for real life. In short, a world better designed for everyone. And we do this by putting people and truth at the centre of design.

You will now start to notice visuals across our website, social media and presentations adapting to our new direction. We’re still the same ExperienceLab but now our visual identity matches what we stand for.

Human insight brought to life.